September 22, 2010

Rubik set us thinking

Mr. Rubik, a man with a world famous name and such particular ideas, could always excite our mind, especially in childhood. May be he knows a secret how to treat an inventive kid.

And now when your hair beings turning gray let's remember one Rubik's oldschool puzzle again.

Please forgive us the inexact application name - Hungarian rings - but believe it, this is real Rubik's rings game inside the deceptive shell!

Here are the game rules. At first you can shuffle the balls in two intersecting rings by shaking your phone or manually by touching screen (in the second mode the app does not control the end of game). And then just rotate the rings of balls until each ring contains the balls of the same color (either blue or red). An intersecting part of the rings should contain yellow balls.

D'oh! What a boring pastime to read game rules if you can look at help tab in the game only one time to catch it. Try, try it!
Where can you get the Hungarian rings? - at market: market://details?id=trikita.rings and SlideMe:

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