June 12, 2011

This is the end.

Hi all!

This blog was too huge for us. We prefer simpler and smaller tools.
We didn't like writing here, that's why we told you nothing about great apps like Harpion or 20words, about new apps coming soon, about new ideas and expectations.

We didn't share with you and we are sorry.

To make things easier this blog will be discontinued.
And henceforth you can follow us on twitter: we are @trkta

See you there!

October 8, 2010

Do you smell the Wumpus?

Text-based games always seems to be a golden mean between the graphic strategy games and adventure books. It's a choice of those people, who feel lost in a quick action scenario, but still would like to watch over the story line.

Hunt the Wumpus is exactly such a game that combined the elements of entertainment and logic. It was invented at the beginning of computers age and still can be found as part of the bsdgames package on modern Unix-like operating systems.

The Wumpus is a mysterious creature living in a cave inside the maze. Unfortunately, you start your adventure in the same maze and the goal is to find out where the Wumpus lurks and kill it using the bullets.

Due to text hints you know about some rooms around you but nothing more. Your every next step may be the last one, so be careful in relying on your luck.

Adventures are available at market: market://details?id=trikita.wumpus and SlideMe: https://slideme.org/application/wumpus

September 22, 2010

Rubik set us thinking

Mr. Rubik, a man with a world famous name and such particular ideas, could always excite our mind, especially in childhood. May be he knows a secret how to treat an inventive kid.

And now when your hair beings turning gray let's remember one Rubik's oldschool puzzle again.

Please forgive us the inexact application name - Hungarian rings - but believe it, this is real Rubik's rings game inside the deceptive shell!

Here are the game rules. At first you can shuffle the balls in two intersecting rings by shaking your phone or manually by touching screen (in the second mode the app does not control the end of game). And then just rotate the rings of balls until each ring contains the balls of the same color (either blue or red). An intersecting part of the rings should contain yellow balls.

D'oh! What a boring pastime to read game rules if you can look at help tab in the game only one time to catch it. Try, try it!
Where can you get the Hungarian rings? - at market: market://details?id=trikita.rings and SlideMe: https://slideme.org/application/hungarian-rings

People are strange when you're a stranger...

One emperor said, "I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my dog."

Learning foreign languages is fun, until you go to a foreign country and find out that no one understands you there. Therefore, let us introduce to you our new useful utility - Twenty Words.

This is a small phrasebook that contains 20 words for the most popular tourist's questions. Furthermore, the application offers you pronunciations of the words if their spelling doesn't make things clear. It should be noted that there are 10 popular languages available in English localization and 31 languages in the Russian one.

And we would be glad to extend words database and make translations better. So, if you have any wish and possibility to help us, if you know any foreign language and would like to contribute - feel free to contact us (adm.trikita@gmail.com or just leave a comment here).

As usual, Twenty words is available at market: market://details?id=trikita.twentywords and SlideMe: https://slideme.org/application/20-words-0

August 31, 2010

To be or not to be?

Sometimes it may be so hard to make a decision, especially if you've got a question concerned the matter of life and death. So you start to hesitate in your choice.
What can I say? - Don't panic. Your problem is solved now due to useful app 8 Ball!

You can entrust your life to its care and get a lot of free time and clear conscience. "Can I become president?", "Am I pregnant?" or even "Should I buy shares?".
These questions are a mere trifle for 8 Ball. The only question it does not have an answer is "What is the meaning of life?".

To use the wisdom of 8 Ball you can just touch a magic triangle inside of the ball of fortune. It's easy. Try it!

The source of cosmic mind is available at market: market://details?id=trikita.ball and SlideMe: https://slideme.org/application/8-ball

New frontiers and old traps

We are moving to the new level of progress and now live in the jungles of the North American Android Market. New stage brings new ideas and opportunities.

The first step was new neat design for Lucky Tetris.
We are pleased to report you, that without losing its content, the game looks much better now. You still may rack your brains to find the right solution, but the gameplay became more pleasant. Moreover, Lucky Tetris now supports touch mode that makes it more convenient for android phones.

Unfortunately, the second news catches up with the third, not so positive. Due to copyright limitations, all the applications that resemble original Tetris game were suspended on the Market, including Lucky Tetris.
But for those who still like this game, we are happy to offer a download from an alternative market (SlideMe), where you can find an updated version of Lucky Tetris - https://slideme.org/application/lucky-tetris-0

It has been a hard period, but there might be light at the end of any tunnel if you light the bulb there :)

June 4, 2010

Enormous blocks are falling down, falling down, falling down..

Do you think that Tetris is nothing but falling blocks? We try to defy the gravity.
We introduce another one Tetris game. Without any gravity. The blocks are falling down only if you want them to fall.

"But such game would be extremely easy!" - you might say. Yes. And that's why the tide has turned against you in this game.

Every figure that appears is the most unsuitable one. Have you ever begged your fate to bring you a "line" piece to fulfill the gap when playing Tetris? Your luck will definitely betray you in this game!

Well, don't be frightened. It's a nice puzzle that shows what are you without your fate.
We have got only 6 points when playing this game. Try to beat our record ;)

Game is available at SlideMe: http://slideme.org/application/lucky-tetris and AndAppStore: http://andappstore.com/AndroidApplications/apps/Lucky_Tetris