June 4, 2010

Enormous blocks are falling down, falling down, falling down..

Do you think that Tetris is nothing but falling blocks? We try to defy the gravity.
We introduce another one Tetris game. Without any gravity. The blocks are falling down only if you want them to fall.

"But such game would be extremely easy!" - you might say. Yes. And that's why the tide has turned against you in this game.

Every figure that appears is the most unsuitable one. Have you ever begged your fate to bring you a "line" piece to fulfill the gap when playing Tetris? Your luck will definitely betray you in this game!

Well, don't be frightened. It's a nice puzzle that shows what are you without your fate.
We have got only 6 points when playing this game. Try to beat our record ;)

Game is available at SlideMe: http://slideme.org/application/lucky-tetris and AndAppStore: http://andappstore.com/AndroidApplications/apps/Lucky_Tetris